Kinesio TapeKT tape also known as Kinesio tape is specialized tape that is applied over the muscle to lower pain and inflammation. It is also used to relax the fatigued muscles and also support muscle movement throughout the day. Unlike other traditional sporting tapes that are wrapped around a joint for support and stabilization only during a sporting event, Kinesio tape is not a restrictive tape; it allows full range of motion. Kinesio tape is used in wide range of problems such as;

Carpal tunnel syndrome, knee conditions, sub-luxation’s, lower back strain or pain, herniated disc, shoulder conditions and sports injuries among other applications.

Kinesio is the most popular type of tape

For years, Kinesio tape has gained popularity has the ideal tape that is not only used in sporting events, but also in hospitals. The popularity is attributed to its wide range of uses as well as number of benefits that cannot be achieved with other tapes. For comfort and breathing, Kinesio tape has 100% high grade cotton.

It has 140% elastic that makes gives it same flexibility has human skin.

It is designed with heat activated adhesive, very light hypo-allergenic latex free.

For easy air circulation, Kinesio tape is designed to channel out water and sweat and also enhance breathing and free circulation of air.

Durable and more economical- unlike the traditional sporting tapes that are only used once in a day, Kinesio tape average usage is three to four days per application. It is also economical because a roll of tape has 6 to 7 applications.

Undoubtedly, use of Kinesio tape is the most unique technique. Kinesio taping require a tape that matches and is friendly to the patient’s skin- same thickness as patients skin, has the best elastic qualities and is also durable to stay on patient’s skin for many days amid sweat, showers and perspirations.

Benefits of KT tape

There are many benefits of using Kinesio tape. Some of the benefits include;

Pain relief- Kinesio improves lymphatic flow. With better lymphatic flow, there is reduction in swellings which lowers activation of the pain receptors. This may provide immediate pain relief.

Reduces swellings and inflammations- reduced pressure on lymphatic system allows efficient removal of fluids and other materials that collect on the area.

Prevents and relieves spasm and cramping- Kinesio tape is effective in preventing or relieving spasm and cramps in the injured muscles.

Speeds recovery of the overused or injured muscles- overused, fatigued muscles contain byproducts such as lactic acid that limits your ability to continue exercising. When you apply Kinesio tape over these areas, it enhances removal of these byproducts allowing for rapid recovery. This may improves endurance and performance, or may boost recovery between repetitive high intensity events.

Kinesio tape provides support without restricting motion- Kinesio Tape’s unique elastic properties allows it to provide support to the injured joint or muscle without restricting motion.

Another use of Kinesio tape is that it allows when used as a therapeutic tape, athletes to remain active while injured. The tape can prevent over contraction or overstretching of the injured muscle.…