Kinesio TapeKT tape also known as Kinesio tape is specialized tape that is applied over the muscle to lower pain and inflammation. It is also used to relax the fatigued muscles and also support muscle movement throughout the day. Unlike other traditional sporting tapes that are wrapped around a joint for support and stabilization only during a sporting event, Kinesio tape is not a restrictive tape; it allows full range of motion. Kinesio tape is used in wide range of problems such as;

Carpal tunnel syndrome, knee conditions, sub-luxation’s, lower back strain or pain, herniated disc, shoulder conditions and sports injuries among other applications.

Kinesio is the most popular type of tape

For years, Kinesio tape has gained popularity has the ideal tape that is not only used in sporting events, but also in hospitals. The popularity is attributed to its wide range of uses as well as number of benefits that cannot be achieved with other tapes. For comfort and breathing, Kinesio tape has 100% high grade cotton.

It has 140% elastic that makes gives it same flexibility has human skin.

It is designed with heat activated adhesive, very light hypo-allergenic latex free.

For easy air circulation, Kinesio tape is designed to channel out water and sweat and also enhance breathing and free circulation of air.

Durable and more economical- unlike the traditional sporting tapes that are only used once in a day, Kinesio tape average usage is three to four days per application. It is also economical because a roll of tape has 6 to 7 applications.

Undoubtedly, use of Kinesio tape is the most unique technique. Kinesio taping require a tape that matches and is friendly to the patient’s skin- same thickness as patients skin, has the best elastic qualities and is also durable to stay on patient’s skin for many days amid sweat, showers and perspirations.

Benefits of KT tape

There are many benefits of using Kinesio tape. Some of the benefits include;

Pain relief- Kinesio improves lymphatic flow. With better lymphatic flow, there is reduction in swellings which lowers activation of the pain receptors. This may provide immediate pain relief.

Reduces swellings and inflammations- reduced pressure on lymphatic system allows efficient removal of fluids and other materials that collect on the area.

Prevents and relieves spasm and cramping- Kinesio tape is effective in preventing or relieving spasm and cramps in the injured muscles.

Speeds recovery of the overused or injured muscles- overused, fatigued muscles contain byproducts such as lactic acid that limits your ability to continue exercising. When you apply Kinesio tape over these areas, it enhances removal of these byproducts allowing for rapid recovery. This may improves endurance and performance, or may boost recovery between repetitive high intensity events.

Kinesio tape provides support without restricting motion- Kinesio Tape’s unique elastic properties allows it to provide support to the injured joint or muscle without restricting motion.

Another use of Kinesio tape is that it allows when used as a therapeutic tape, athletes to remain active while injured. The tape can prevent over contraction or overstretching of the injured muscle.…

Laser hair removal. Vector diagramOver the past couple of years, laser hair removal has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the US. More and more people are ditching the traditional shaving, waxing and tweezing for laser hair removal. This cosmetic procedure involves the removal of unwanted hair by beaming laser light pulses that in turn lead to the destruction of a hair follicle. Let’s take an in-depth look at the benefits, preparations, expectations and the inherent risks involved in laser hair removal.

Why most people opt for this procedure

Laser efficacy cannot be gainsaid and it has been sanctioned in the dermatology sphere when it comes to the removal of unwanted hair on a person underarms, face, bikini line, arm, leg and in any part of your body. Some of the benefits that you can accrue from using laser include:

Highly accurate: The precision of laser is simply admirable as it can be able to select the hairs you want removed and leave your skin unharmed.

Fast: It takes less than a second for many hairs to be treated at a go with each pulse of laser. Areas that are smaller like the upper lip will consume less than a minute to treat whilst large areas like the legs or back can consume over an hour to treat.

Reliability: The probability that you will have permanent hair loss is up to 90%. This is after you have at least undergone 3 to 5 sessions.

How do you prepare for this procedure?

Unlike tweezing, waxing or shaving, laser is a medical procedure that is fraught with dangers if not carried out properly. To avoid the associated risks check the credentials of the medical practitioner who will carry out the procedure. It is imperative that you cease waxing, plucking or electrolysis 6 weeks before undergoing the procedure. Stay away from direct sun 6 weeks before and after you have undergone the procedure to make the laser hair removal successful and to avoid complications.

What you should know during the procedure

Before the procedure progresses your hair will be trimmed to a bare minimum just above your skin. The laser equipment is tuned to be in sync with thickness, color, and where the hair is located. The laser is also adjusted to be in tandem with your skin color. In some cases, you will be required to wear eye protection gear but that depends with the laser machine used. Your skin should be protected by a specially made cooling device or a cold gel. This will aid the laser light into penetrating to your skin. The technician will be at hand to check how the treatment area is reacting and if the settings are correct. To ease discomfort after the procedure, you will be handed lotions, ice packs or anti-inflammatory to calm down the discomfort.

Side effects and recovery period

After the laser procedure is successfully completed, you feel discomfort akin that of a sunburn. Using moisturizers and cool compresses will help mitigate that discomfort. If your skin isn’t blistering after the treatment then you can apply your makeup in a day or two. The hair that has been treated will start falling off and it is advisable that you wear sunscreen to curtail your treated skin from temporarily changing its color. Some side effects include blister on rare cases, scarring, swelling, and redness and in worst case scenario permanent change in skin color or scarring.

The cost of this procedure varies although it has been pegged at $235 per session by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Some of the factors that determine the cost include size and time for treatment, number of session and from which country the procedure will be conducted.…

Butcher Block CountertopsWhen it comes to naturally beautiful countertops, it’s hard to find anything better than butcher block kitchen countertop. Wood countertops have become the norm in most kitchens today. They are stylish, unique, affordable and durable. Using butcher block countertops avails a whole variety of benefits to the user. With the growing popularity of these countertops, the next thing that most people want to know is their cost. In order to appreciate the price of butcher blocks, one first has to know the material used in making these countertops, why they are so good and their benefits. All these factors play a role in determining their cost.

Types of woods used in making butcher block countertops

The main types of woods used in making butcher block countertops are maple and bamboo. This is because these types of wood are widely available and highly sustainable. There are still other types of wood like cherry and walnut that are still suitable for making butcher block countertops. The type of wood used generally depends on one’s preference and their financial capability. However, butcher block countertops intended for heavy duty purposes should not be made of soft woods like pine or cedar. Such woods are intended for butcher blocks that are mainly intended for decorative purposes.

Characteristics of good butcher block wood

The wood used to make butcher block countertops should be readily available and highly sustainable. The wood should come in a variety of colors, shapes, species and finishes. The wood should be warmer to the touch when compared to any other surface in the kitchen. One should be able to have the wood cut, fabricated and easily installed by a carpenter. This will mean that the costs involved in installing the butcher block will be reduced and the process will be over much quicker, unlike when one is having a stone countertop installed. Wood makes a good material for kitchen countertops because it improves with age. It can be touched up, sanded or refinished with relative amount of ease.

Benefits of a kitchen block countertop

The benefits of butcher block countertops are quite many. One can cut and eat almost anything on the countertop; it is much quieter when compared to other countertops such as stone where there is usually clinking sounds of glasses or pans. With butcher block countertops, breakages of items such as glasses are reduced. Wood is also not susceptible to citrus, like some stones are. It is also naturally heat-resistant.

Butcher block countertops cost

All the above factors play a significant part in the cost of a butcher block countertop. In most cases, a person will order a well-fabricated solid butcher block countertop. Once an order is placed, high-grade wood that has been dried out and sorted will be used to start work on the countertop. All surfaces have to be properly finished with a number of coats or sealer before installation occurs in order to prevent any sort of damage from heat or water.

The materials used in this entire process are usually in the range of around $50-$100 per square foot. The price however varies based on the location of where the installation is to occur and the species of the wood to be used.…

Wood is a natural living material, sophisticated and elegant. When combined with its warm characteristics, wood opens an abundance of design options in countertops nowadays. Despite the elegance and versatility wood offers, many homeowners are apprehensive regarding the maintenance and care. That said, no matter what kitchen countertop style you find appealing, you will want to consider maintenance and durability before making a decision.

Why you need wood countertops?

The wooden top is the natural complement of any veneered cabinetry or solid wood. The wooden tops will wonderfully go together with moldings, cornices and hardwood floorings, offering a genuine sense of balance to your kitchen. If properly installed and sealed, a wooden countertop can last almost a lifetime. Unlike granite or marble, a wooden counter has a great shock absorbing capacity that further assures its considerable life span. For a fairly long time, the laminate and plastic surfaces were considered much safer than wood for tasks like slicing vegetables or chopping meat. However, it has been proven by the microbiologists of the Food Research Institute that wood possesses strong antibacterial properties, that no other cutting surface appears to possess.

Basic maintenance on a regular basis

In most cases, all that’s needed is a damp, clean, nonabrasive cotton cloth and a household cleaner or mild liquid detergent. A vegetable brush or nylon bristled hand can be used, especially if you own dimensional finish laminates. As wood countertops are kind of gentle, do not flood your countertop. Scouring pads and abrasive cleaners should not be used. As for daily use, do not place hot containers or warm pots directly on the surface. Rather use a pot holder or trivet.

Tips for long lasting wood countertops

Wood counters are beautiful, but they require regular care if you want to keep them looking their best for many years to come. In order to keep your counters long lasting, wash your countertops immediately after using. It is especially important to wash a countertop when it comes to moisture containing spills, stains and scraps. Even more, if you want to keep your countertop shiny and sturdy, use mineral oil. Apply mineral oil once a month. Use only high quality mineral oil as it is food safe and will not turn rancid like some cooking oils. In addition, when using vinegar make sure to not spill it over the countertop as it is acidic enough to dissolve the glue holding the wood in place.

How to choose a best wood countertop?

As first-time buyers may not have an easy time making up their minds about what wood countertop to buy, here are some tips discussed. In the first place, consider investing in a countertop that is not only practical to use, but also eye-catching and elegant. In addition, consider the edging style that your wood countertop will have. Most wood countertops have a rounded edge, but you may prefer a straight edge which is compatible with any design. Finally, last but not least, consider that you may be in need of getting a new sink and faucet that will match your countertop.